Tuesday, February 3, 2009


yup, u r right aliaa. everytime i open this blog it seems like we've never been apart. plus, all my prob vanish into thin air... hehehe... as if it can be like that huh??

but i like to be with u gurls... and btw, in june i'll have my "pentauliahan" (how to say that ini english?) in uum sintok...

gud luck to those who r going 2 b a graduate this year. not a student after that huh? is anyone plan to do masters after that? just want to know... me? nope, i want to work after that. no more study for me..
and kells, i think a more nature approach will be suitable for that dinner of yours.. colours like green, brown, black, or anything a bit dark will do. one more, be yourself ok??


  1. wah~~pentauliahan..
    jap..lupa nk komen kat entry farehah td..
    dena dh jd celebrity!!

  2. tauliah : gv commision :D

    heheh once a teacher forever a teacher

    congratz dear!!
    is it for suksis?