Wednesday, February 4, 2009

wo hai xiang ta.

wah.... the number of post have increase so much since the last tym i open this blog..
not bad Kayers!!

hurm.. its already a month plus since the new semester start..
i cant believe that i'm the senior year now.. how tym flies.
and on top of all... i dont tink that i'm ready to step into the occupation world now.. even every sem pun dah masuk hospital..
its not that i hate this job.. totally love it..but when there are people who relies on u everytime, it started to feel like u r carrying such heavy responsibility, and as u deal with people's life, the burden feel 100 time heavier.

2009, i dont know if this is a good year for me,
but fate seem like playing with me along this time,
went back here from the sem break last sunday,
it was 5 by the time i reach PJ and got this call from my dad, " ur uncle was admit to the Cardiac Care Unit (CCU) last night"..
and later, there's another call," u dont have to rush back anymore, he's gone already"
fate really is playing a game with me.. last year, i receive the same call,about my grandad. tym 2 pun baru je sampai balik cni..and i got my final exam tat tym..
i wonder, y must this happens to me everytime.. I never got to see the face of my love ones the time they say their final goodbye.
i was always away..
why would i become a health practitioner if i cant treat my own family..
i havent gotten over my grandad's death..and now have to accept another missing..
and i cant't forgive myself for the thing i should have do with them when they are alive.. but it's too late to regret now.
so.. again, i guess, we never miss the water until its gone..
if you love someone( family, bf, frens), tell them that you love them, share ur happiness with them, dont wait, thinking that u'll have many time to spend with them.. cherish every moment that u have now..
for when its gone.. nothing that u do can bring back the time.
and .. sorry for this not-so-happy post..


  1. i'm so sorry for u izza. it was such a sad thing to happen to u. but all we can do is just go with the flow. life must go on...

    tp penah kami dgr yg kalo kita x dpt jumpa org yg 'pergi' tu, maknanya kita antara org yg paling disayangi oleh org tersebut. it happened to my dad...

    so, jgn la bersedih sgt ye.. kami akan sentiasa sokong izza.... gud luck my fren (ex neighbour) miss u...

  2. huhu..dh agk dh..
    kalo tajuk cmni ni mst org yg lao shi dia hnsm ni..

    it's ok la..
    dun worry or sad...juz think dat s long s they went back to their Creator in a well manner..
    it's enough already..
    plus,we juz 'borrow' them for a while..
    and when it's time..we have to give them back to their owner right..
    juz accept this as a challenge and a prove that Allah loves us that way..

    don't u think that whenever that someone had accomplished his certain job that Allah had assigned him for..surely Allah will take him back?
    so~juz accept it wholeheartedly k?
    take care!

  3. thx.. i'm quite blurr at that tym of writing..
    assignment blue.. haha
    aliaa.. i tink i've fallen hard 4 tat laoshi.. hahah
    too bad we fot so many public holiday on monday( da class on monday only). sdih sgt x leh usha dia.. huhu
    aiya.. miss him already maaa...