Saturday, May 29, 2010

~we call it love!~(aliaa's report)

birthday bash yg amat best~!!!
thanks to farehah sbb organize event ni..
we spent a day 2gether..
as for me..blk umh k
ira lpas maghrib b4 isya' la...

my personal special thanks to :

nutt(sbb tlg amek p jitra mall),
pah(frm jitra mall to bamboo to tmn jubli emas),
upha(frm tmn jubli emas to umh farehah to tmn rakyat mergong(hehe..umh saya)...

knp tajuk entry aritu i'm gorgeous?sbb ni~!!!hehehe~

hehehe..tudung i am gorgeous...
lgpn..yg kuaq ari tu suma yg gorgeous2 blaka...
x caya?tgk ni..

kn comey2 kami nih?

for me,bnda yg paling best about yesterday was even kta dh lma x jmpk..
but we still could talk about random things..
frm a very tiny to big issues..

everyone is still with wholehearted pure n sincere hearts..
loving each other...

our jokes n concerns..never fade away..
i really could c that..
gosh..i think i just addicted with u guys??
yup..admit that~!!!hahaha..sorry..can't help it~!

smlm br 7 org yg jmpk..
i wish the other 19 pn join jugak..
nutt ada suggest.."kta rent klas "K" blh?"
everytime jmpk cmni..
i always realize how i miss every single time we had together..
n how beautiful our friendship is..

this year(2010) is the 6th year the name "kayerz" ever existed..
n i hope we could always be the same for the next 1o,20 n even more years after that...

aiseyh..ter-emo sat..hehehe~
apa2 pn...
i knew that u guys knew even wihout me mentioning this right?

Friday, May 28, 2010


after rereading the burn book we all *x semua kot pah x dew pnat kecik n mashitah x da amy farah paan x dew* wrote longg back ago
5 YEARS OK skunk kita nk wat survey!

juz answer q based on number n reply it on comment sbb lg sng kn nk baca n yes b free to add q!


  1. whose gonna hit the aisle first?
  2. whose gonna hv a baby first?
  3. whose gonna b a DATiN/PUAN SRI first?
  4. whose gonna b related? *by married*
  5. whose gonna marry the foreigner?
  6. whose gonna open a bussiness?
  7. whose gonna achieve their dream first?
  8. whose gonna cry first at frens wedding?

ok i think this enough :D im gonna post my answer now!

Thursday, May 27, 2010

~i'm gorgeous : 26th May 2010~

cita nya cmneh...
izza xleh join friday ni..
so i planned to just meet her..
then we thought..
nk ajak la y
g len2 sama..
so contact farehah..
dia nk ikut~!!!yeay~!!!

mlm tu farehah text kata diah n una nk ikut skali..
wah..lg best~!!!hehe~
dat day itself..tgh bersiap2..tehah text...kata nk ikut jugak..
6 org~!!!!

dok xpect upha n nutt nk ikut skali..
tp since diah call upha dia dok tgh tumbuk cabai..(hehehe~)
n nutt keja..
so 6 org ja la..

even pix ni dh di-upload kat fb..
tp stil nk ltak kat cni yg pnting2..
sj ja la..
wt knangan..

comey ja suma org..hehehe~

knp tajuk entry ni i'm gorgeous?
tunggu esok..(28th)

apa2 pn..rasanya nk kna tukaq la tmpt jmpk next tym..
lighting x cntik la bla tgkp gmbq..hurm..

personally L.O.V.E this pic~!!!!!!
xtau psepa..hehehe~

~can't wait for 2moro~!!!