Wednesday, February 25, 2009

because i'm bored..

i think i've been opening this blog since last week and there r still no new post since Nazirah's vodoo doll pic..
so..i decide to post up something..mainly because i dont know what else to do..huhu
boring gler dok belek assignment siang malam..(T.T)

i dont know if any of u have already know about this ( i know Aliaa does)
i know most of kayers used to really like " meteor garden".. aku ingat lagi Pah x abih2 cakap sal si Dao ming si 2.. siap beli buku novel dia lagi (lawak lak bila ingat blik)
and suma orang kalo bleh nak bagi kelas tambahan wak2 ptg 2 cpt abih sbb nak p balik tgk cter 2 ( well.. i'm excluded...(T-T))
there is a remake of that drama in korean, japan and philiphines!!
i dont know about that philiphines one, but the japanese and korean version is really worth watching..

owh.. btw.. if u have watch the korean one.. ( the one who plays Lei character is MINE!!! hahaha)


  1. i heard about this story from a fren of mine
    n the boys supp0se to b uber cute n richer than the original cast isnt it??
    well u guys can hv them all :P

  2. hehehe... nak tuka pndpt, citer ni best lg dr meteor garden.. hrtu tgk awl2 mcm x best tp dh smpi ep 16 ni dh jd lg best.. x meleret sgt citer dia... hahahaa.. suka so yi jung... cutenyer..

  3. i don't care..
    i love TOP's tsukasa!!!!!

  4. oit2..napa nama aku di highlight kn???adoi....