Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Hisashiburi neeeee =DDD

Assalammualaikum guyssss~!!!!
Hari ni ghasa cam nk update blog sendiri, tapi ternampak blog ni...
Teringin pulak nak menulih, ghetuk2 habuk oghang Kedah kata hehe...
So since the last post was in 2011, 15th October to be exact...
So like, around 6 years la kan kita x sentuh blog ni...
Okay, long story shortened, Kayerz now most of the members are happily married...
and we got a bunch of Kayerz kids as well... cutest ones xx
May Allah bless all the marriages and protect them from any evil doings....Aamiin 
There are also few of us yang masih single, which I'm sure Allah had planned all kind of sweetest, greatest love story for us to go through...
May Allah gifts us the best partner, and guide us to be nearer and nearer to Him...Aamiin
Most importantly, I believe and really am grateful that all of us are granted by Him to be in the best situations as we could now...
Sure, there are ups and downs here and there, but what is life without them?
Also, there are things that we could tell others, but there are lots of things better left unsaid...
But remember, "When the Almighty sends you a trial, He has the solution to it too. So seek Him for a away out" Xx

Okay enough for the quick summary..
Now let's talk about my update hahahaha...
I just got back from Kota Kinabalu-Kundasang last Saturday...
and yes guys, you can see the pictures in my FB if you want =P

Working life?
Busy here and there....free here and there..
Tapi sebab maybe faktor umur (hihi) lepas keja tu penaaaaaaaat sangat...
so I just wanna say, I salute you guys, the hard workers so much!

Cukup la nooo update byk tu?
Jom tgk gmbq sikit2 from my lenses =DD

Love you guyssss *kisses and hugs*
Ijjou desu, Aliaa deshita Xx

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Because I feel like writing..


hi guys..dh lma dh tak jenguk blog nie kn..suma bz dgn hidop masing2 ..

Hmm nk tulih pa ek..thinking2..

ermm memandangkn skrg nie ramai dh kawan2 kita yg dh married and planned to get married dalam masa terdekat ni hihi.. yang dah pregnant dan jgk yang dlm perancangan..lets talk about folic acids intake..

Apa yang aku ingat time belaja aritu kalo aku xtido dalam kelas la hihi..we are advice to take folic acid supplement seawai 3 month b4 u planning to become pregnant..the reason behind this because the baby brain and nervous system develop during the 1st trimester..n bleh diamalkan sepanjang2 9 bln pregnancy tu.folic acid ni dpt prevent birth defect esp brain and neural tube baby. Contoh dia mcm spina bifida

so kalo korang plan nk kawen bulan 12..skrg ni dh bleh dh laa kalo nk amalkn..hihi actually requirement ni dh cukup dh from our daily meals..Cuma kalo korang xbrapa suka vege sgt yg kna take supplement ka apa ka..

Folic acid can be found in the following foods:

Fortified breakfast cereals




Black beans


Orange juice

Enriched breads and pasta

Romaine lettuce


prevention is better than cure..for more details..bleh laa buka link nie.




next time kalo ada free time g..aku cita benda lain plak apa2 yang ada kaitan dgn health n i'll make it as simple as posibble..malaskn nk baca panjang2..hope we can get benefits from it..

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Kisah Kucen2ku yg ku sygggg sgt~


Place: Subang Suria Apartment.

Time: 10pm previouse day,,the day b4 etc...huhuhu

I kept thinking, bosannya dok rumah..ada housemate mcm xdak housemate.

So i decided to have a kitten as my company at home.

On the spot I called hamsi..

me: amsi! nk kucen! xkre adopt ke nk beli ke..nak jgk! huhu

hamsi: ok nant kita g petshop ricky2..

me: xpe2, kita sama2 ricky..kalo jmpa yg baek bgtau eh..

the next day I went to petshop at Damansara Damai..

My eyes just stuck at 2 kitten. tros call hamsi..lusa kita g bli kucen!

ni la kitten2 baru aku..

Comey dak??

MOMO (aku punya)

POPO (hamsi punya)

Believe it or not,, kucen ni mix Persion+local..RM200 sekoq!! normally 3 4rat.. apa lagi, kami rembat r..huhu.. FYI, 2 2 ni adik bradik.. nice kn??

Ni la kesayangan aku skrg..MOMO.. ni otw nk p jmpak vet utk 1st time vaksin, hamsi bwk.. 2 2 br umur 4stgh bln..

X sabaq nk p amek depa dr hamsi.. its my turn to take care of them coz hamsi dah nk cuti sem.. POMO!! Adik datang eh! tggu tau! =P

Ni pulak kisah kucen kesayangan ak kat kampung..BUBU..

10pm my mom called me..

Mom: haven't u got my sms?

me: nope..y?

Mom: Bubu miscarried..

me: hah!! y?

Mom: She jumped on ur shoe box n slipped.. 2 days meow2 nonstop n got into fever.. the next day delivered but the kitten is still small..poor Bubu =(

me: alamak... br ja mimpi kt dia.. :'(

Mom: I brought her to da clinic coz her fever not recover.. doctor injected her with meds.. she kinda meroyan sekejap.. poor bubu..

me: my Bubu:'( i'm on my way back to kedah asap!

Bubu b4 pregnant..

pregnancy period..

miscarried kitten..

me comforting her.

Saturday, July 3, 2010

My 1st week at WORK.. duhh~~~

1st af all,, miss you gurls soOoOo muchO!! suka la no ampa dok wat ak jelezz memanjang tgk latest album kayers.. arghhhhhh!!!! rindu loqstaq!! rindu kayers!! rindu my mom n dad n Bubu!!

ok2,, meh ak cita pengalaman keja ak 1 week.. bak kata pepatah diah, sejak ak keja bz sakan smpai senyap sunyi kn.. so mlm ni ak berkesempatan nk ber on9 setelah sekian lama terputus dr arus IT.. on9 kt 'Q'Bistro Bandar Sri Permaisuri,, dkt ja la dgn Bandar Tasik Selatan area dkt Sungai Besi tmpt umah "sewa" ak.. nant sapa yg nk trn kl roger2 r,, umah ak slalu ja kosong..hehehe...

BEST thing is: umah dkt sgt2 dgn mrr2 straight ja nk p kepong tmpt keja.. 30mins drive dr sg. besi if x jem..
WORST part is: kalo jem,, it took me 50min utk blk umah lps keja.. if ujan lebat banjir kilat, 1hr 45mins!!
everyday i woke up at 5.50am elok2 org azan suboh, 6.50am or 7am grk p keja..
conclusion: sewa kt sg. besi temporary ja 4 bout 4 5 months.. currently looking for new house.. ngee..

1st day,, bertolak dr umah sewa koi 7pg sampai 7.30 kt S.E. Printing.. smpai sana kna briefing psl kontrak keja etc dgn ms. leelian admin kt c2.. pastu straight jumpak HOD R&D mr. Morgan.. Indian Christian yg sgt baek hati.. everything has been prepared for me.. company tour dia yg tlg bwk.. the best part is, i'm da youngest in my department..huhuhu...

my job spec: Product Engineer cum Chemist... p sana xdk basic eng lgsg!! blur lama jgk.. amek masa nk blajaq eng terms.. agak ssh tp selama 3weeks byk yg ak dpt blajar.. from process to machinery.. dari stencil printing, punching, forming, smpai la ke CNC, injecting molding etc.. byk nk type 1 1..hee

apa yg ak wat kt cni?? ak design product yg customer nk..

eg: customer=sony
produst= dvd plate
keja yg ak kna wat=study product drawing, what material to use, what colour sequence to follow, how big is the working size, what is the product size, which process involve, etc etc.. sometimes the material is not so suitable so my part as a chemist starts.. kna la wat research sket psl material.. ada jgk yg berkait psl kimia..

sometime da drawing a lil bit tricky and the worst part is customer ask for RIDICULOUS wishes.. r&d wat colour matching nmpk ok dh tp depa dok kata xok lg smpai ke sudah.. soh depa propose warna apa yg nk depa xtau.. mcm ci~ bak kata husna..hehehe.. basically this company manufacture and printing electronic parts such as ur handphone keypads, housing, dvd plate yg transparent tu etc etc.. ppa yg print tu company ni la yg dok wat.. lbh kurang cm subcons r.. medium industry ja ni.. xdak la hebat cm sime darby..huhuhu...

Ok la keja kt cni, xramai sgt workers, kpala pn xsrabot sgt.. tp kalo project byk mmg bz gla.. so maafkan beta ya wahai rakyat2ku sekalian~~~ :P

so stakat ni kot yg bole ak share sementara dpt on9.. ni la serba sket keja ak kt company ni.. ENJOY~~
material: PET (polyethylene)

Injection Moulding

p/s: pah n nutt- ampa nk ka weh mamat vietnam or indon? ka nk bapak2 org? hahahaha..

Saturday, May 29, 2010

~we call it love!~(aliaa's report)

birthday bash yg amat best~!!!
thanks to farehah sbb organize event ni..
we spent a day 2gether..
as for me..blk umh k
ira lpas maghrib b4 isya' la...

my personal special thanks to :

nutt(sbb tlg amek p jitra mall),
pah(frm jitra mall to bamboo to tmn jubli emas),
upha(frm tmn jubli emas to umh farehah to tmn rakyat mergong(hehe..umh saya)...

knp tajuk entry aritu i'm gorgeous?sbb ni~!!!hehehe~

hehehe..tudung i am gorgeous...
lgpn..yg kuaq ari tu suma yg gorgeous2 blaka...
x caya?tgk ni..

kn comey2 kami nih?

for me,bnda yg paling best about yesterday was even kta dh lma x jmpk..
but we still could talk about random things..
frm a very tiny to big issues..

everyone is still with wholehearted pure n sincere hearts..
loving each other...

our jokes n concerns..never fade away..
i really could c that..
gosh..i think i just addicted with u guys??
yup..admit that~!!!hahaha..sorry..can't help it~!

smlm br 7 org yg jmpk..
i wish the other 19 pn join jugak..
nutt ada suggest.."kta rent klas "K" blh?"
everytime jmpk cmni..
i always realize how i miss every single time we had together..
n how beautiful our friendship is..

this year(2010) is the 6th year the name "kayerz" ever existed..
n i hope we could always be the same for the next 1o,20 n even more years after that...

aiseyh..ter-emo sat..hehehe~
apa2 pn...
i knew that u guys knew even wihout me mentioning this right?

Friday, May 28, 2010


after rereading the burn book we all *x semua kot pah x dew pnat kecik n mashitah x da amy farah paan x dew* wrote longg back ago
5 YEARS OK skunk kita nk wat survey!

juz answer q based on number n reply it on comment sbb lg sng kn nk baca n yes b free to add q!


  1. whose gonna hit the aisle first?
  2. whose gonna hv a baby first?
  3. whose gonna b a DATiN/PUAN SRI first?
  4. whose gonna b related? *by married*
  5. whose gonna marry the foreigner?
  6. whose gonna open a bussiness?
  7. whose gonna achieve their dream first?
  8. whose gonna cry first at frens wedding?

ok i think this enough :D im gonna post my answer now!

Thursday, May 27, 2010

~i'm gorgeous : 26th May 2010~

cita nya cmneh...
izza xleh join friday ni..
so i planned to just meet her..
then we thought..
nk ajak la y
g len2 sama..
so contact farehah..
dia nk ikut~!!!yeay~!!!

mlm tu farehah text kata diah n una nk ikut skali..
wah..lg best~!!!hehe~
dat day itself..tgh bersiap2..tehah text...kata nk ikut jugak..
6 org~!!!!

dok xpect upha n nutt nk ikut skali..
tp since diah call upha dia dok tgh tumbuk cabai..(hehehe~)
n nutt keja..
so 6 org ja la..

even pix ni dh di-upload kat fb..
tp stil nk ltak kat cni yg pnting2..
sj ja la..
wt knangan..

comey ja suma org..hehehe~

knp tajuk entry ni i'm gorgeous?
tunggu esok..(28th)

apa2 pn..rasanya nk kna tukaq la tmpt jmpk next tym..
lighting x cntik la bla tgkp gmbq..hurm..

personally L.O.V.E this pic~!!!!!!
xtau psepa..hehehe~

~can't wait for 2moro~!!!