Tuesday, February 3, 2009

kwn2!! come to jb lah...

Recently i just ate one dish which is soOoO SEDAP!! Nama dia Roti Kacang Phool.. Kacang pool is smashed broad beans cooked in herbs and spices.Eaten with crispy oven toasted french baguette.With lime squeeze over the beans gravy plus some chillies and onions.And the bonus is the fried egg with soft half-cooked yolk.It is a mixture of sour, saltish and sweet dish. This is more of mediterranean influence. The meaty version is shabsuka also eaten with bread.

Its a mouth watering meal aite?? so,, dtg r cni.. kta g mkn rmai2.. JOmm jln2 J to da B.. hee..


  1. serious nmpk sdap!!!!
    trigt lasagna mediteranean makcik kat food court pacific~~

  2. erm... kacang phool memang sedap.. dah lama x makan... huhuhu...