Wednesday, February 25, 2009

because i'm bored..

i think i've been opening this blog since last week and there r still no new post since Nazirah's vodoo doll pic..
so..i decide to post up something..mainly because i dont know what else to do..huhu
boring gler dok belek assignment siang malam..(T.T)

i dont know if any of u have already know about this ( i know Aliaa does)
i know most of kayers used to really like " meteor garden".. aku ingat lagi Pah x abih2 cakap sal si Dao ming si 2.. siap beli buku novel dia lagi (lawak lak bila ingat blik)
and suma orang kalo bleh nak bagi kelas tambahan wak2 ptg 2 cpt abih sbb nak p balik tgk cter 2 ( well.. i'm excluded...(T-T))
there is a remake of that drama in korean, japan and philiphines!!
i dont know about that philiphines one, but the japanese and korean version is really worth watching..

owh.. btw.. if u have watch the korean one.. ( the one who plays Lei character is MINE!!! hahaha)

Saturday, February 14, 2009


aku pon nak post gambaq jugak la..

Saturday, February 7, 2009

ho ho ho

well i guess u guys know me aite,,,
click here

sum people think they knows me to0 much
read n judge
n yeah,,
c0mment if u wan

dun worry
im not cryin
or feel sad
juz dat
annoyed n thinking to smack her butt out later
owh yes
those people r my jr
not my cohort

Friday, February 6, 2009

x mlayu ke aku???

hai!! kelly lagi!!!

thanks a lot for ur interesting ideas!!
but,,, huhuhu,,,
they have change theme 4 the dinner..
i think they afraid I wiil win the queen of the nite
becoz of UR great ideas,,,
guess what!!
they choose gadis n jejaka malayu as theme!!
hampeh btul!!!
ade je bkn mlyu yg join,,,, pelik aku,,,
so syrtnya kna pakai bju tradsnl,,,
ni lg PELIK KUASA 10,,
klo pkai jeans x mlyu ??
mcm nk g knduri kahwen dah,,
ikutla,, almaklum la,,
menyibuk dinner klej org,,,

farehah.. aku joint dinner kp ar...

erma...nnt pas dinner i will post the pictures,,

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

wo hai xiang ta.

wah.... the number of post have increase so much since the last tym i open this blog..
not bad Kayers!!

hurm.. its already a month plus since the new semester start..
i cant believe that i'm the senior year now.. how tym flies.
and on top of all... i dont tink that i'm ready to step into the occupation world now.. even every sem pun dah masuk hospital..
its not that i hate this job.. totally love it..but when there are people who relies on u everytime, it started to feel like u r carrying such heavy responsibility, and as u deal with people's life, the burden feel 100 time heavier.

2009, i dont know if this is a good year for me,
but fate seem like playing with me along this time,
went back here from the sem break last sunday,
it was 5 by the time i reach PJ and got this call from my dad, " ur uncle was admit to the Cardiac Care Unit (CCU) last night"..
and later, there's another call," u dont have to rush back anymore, he's gone already"
fate really is playing a game with me.. last year, i receive the same call,about my grandad. tym 2 pun baru je sampai balik cni..and i got my final exam tat tym..
i wonder, y must this happens to me everytime.. I never got to see the face of my love ones the time they say their final goodbye.
i was always away..
why would i become a health practitioner if i cant treat my own family..
i havent gotten over my grandad's death..and now have to accept another missing..
and i cant't forgive myself for the thing i should have do with them when they are alive.. but it's too late to regret now.
so.. again, i guess, we never miss the water until its gone..
if you love someone( family, bf, frens), tell them that you love them, share ur happiness with them, dont wait, thinking that u'll have many time to spend with them.. cherish every moment that u have now..
for when its gone.. nothing that u do can bring back the time.
and .. sorry for this not-so-happy post..

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

kwn2!! come to jb lah...

Recently i just ate one dish which is soOoO SEDAP!! Nama dia Roti Kacang Phool.. Kacang pool is smashed broad beans cooked in herbs and spices.Eaten with crispy oven toasted french baguette.With lime squeeze over the beans gravy plus some chillies and onions.And the bonus is the fried egg with soft half-cooked yolk.It is a mixture of sour, saltish and sweet dish. This is more of mediterranean influence. The meaty version is shabsuka also eaten with bread.

Its a mouth watering meal aite?? so,, dtg r cni.. kta g mkn rmai2.. JOmm jln2 J to da B.. hee..


yup, u r right aliaa. everytime i open this blog it seems like we've never been apart. plus, all my prob vanish into thin air... hehehe... as if it can be like that huh??

but i like to be with u gurls... and btw, in june i'll have my "pentauliahan" (how to say that ini english?) in uum sintok...

gud luck to those who r going 2 b a graduate this year. not a student after that huh? is anyone plan to do masters after that? just want to know... me? nope, i want to work after that. no more study for me..
and kells, i think a more nature approach will be suitable for that dinner of yours.. colours like green, brown, black, or anything a bit dark will do. one more, be yourself ok??


buku tu ada kt ak,, nk bg kt dena plak.. ak dpt pn dah lewat sgt... tp xpa,, the effort still go on k.. btw,, dena dah jd mpp at her fac la,, woooo.... hebat.... she's reli bz nowadays wif the election n luckily she's got the position.. we have celebrity in our class people!! hip hip!! hooray!! hee.. well,, thats 4 today.. n btw,, kells,, ank p dner mlm pra graduan ka? kalo ya ak xtau la plak tema jungle...huhuhu... xpa,, just pick the natural colour which represents the environment,, anything suits ur skin is ok.. n thnx 4 tehah 4 ur concern,, reli appreciate it.. n 4 aliaa,, gud luck 4 ur new sem k.. n thnx 4 ur doa.. my latest pic...

wif my coursemate,, kt fac science... =)

Monday, February 2, 2009


hye my dearest kayerz~~
bestnya tgk author kta dh bertambah ramai!!!

kpd sesiapa yg nk grad tu..
good luck!!
do your best..i know u can do it!
our doa is always be with u~

kells..wah dinner tu konsep valentine ka?
erm..x reti sgt sal fashion2 ni..
tp blh gak kalo pkai a simple dress..
dgn selendang kulit ala2 tiger ka..
belt yg ala2 snake skin ka..
pkai tudung bentuk klopak bunga ka..huhu..
jungle gak kn..
sbb rsnya kalo pkai clorang cloreng bj askar tehah tu..
huhu..suma pakat lari kot..
isu Israel kn x abih g..hehe~~

anyway,today's my first day in my 3rd sem..
br ja dpt briefing about this n that..
rs cm nk pcah gak kpala tgk bnda2 yg nk kna submit cpat2 ni..
tp lps bukak blog ni..
dh tergelak blk..
huhu..i think your words really work on me hmm?
hehe..sentimental sket~ the latest pic..
time pak long akad nikah..
xclusive ni..x publish mna2 lg..haha!!

k lah..nk solat maghrib..
till then...mwah5!!

Sunday, February 1, 2009


kalo pakai mcm ni blh ke g dinner tu???? just kidding....

help me.. help you... hehehe

first of all, ciannye kat farehah... sowang2 time cuti...
next, hmm kelly, tema jungle tuh, pakai je baju yang kaler hijau sket ke or hitam x pon dark green or anything yg ada a bit green. kalo ada yang motif mcm daun2 ke ok jgk rasanya. yang lain tuh x tau la nak ckp pe.. hehehe... anyone!!! help me to help her!!!

i'm back at ukm now, and there r so many things needed sorted out. i'm currently very bz... huhuhu... so tired already..


rindu sgt2
bila nk jumpa nieeeeee

s0rry taw psai aritu :(
nnt i'll send u choc k :D

huhu btw
nk tnya

MNA BUKU TUH!!!!!!!!!!!

*sy sdg smitten :P*


hai gurlzzz...

kelly!!! yes!!!
I'm back!! hehehe!!!
my dearest frenzz,,
help me plzzz,,
i have dinner on 14 feb,,
i don't know what I want to wear!!!
guess what!!!
depa plih tema jungle!!!!
dasyat tul tema!!!!
i hope u all can give any suggestion,,,

haila...JUngLe???? adusssssssss....