Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Izza was here!!

owh.. speechless jap bila bukak blog ni..
at last it become a reality..this blog
thx Aliaa 4 spending half of ur tym doin tis while i noe very well u wud be workin on ur "hubbies" page if u r not workin on this..hehe.
hurm.. i got nothing important to post yet actually.. and i cant post the same thing i've post on my blog here . But since i've promise Aliaa to post at least a post by the end of this week, so.. here it is.. my mumbling post..

1 comment:

  1. huhu..really...there's nothing to thank me..
    yup2..i'm having so much trouble while making this blog a reality..
    my hubbies distract me again n again..huhu~
    anyway..i love to see your post here..
    finally your user name has changed ne?
    i like dat!huhu~