Wednesday, January 21, 2009

my turn?

hye all my beloved kayerz!

actually xtau nk ckp pa pun..
tp just nk ckp thanks sgt to everyone yg dh register kat blog ni..
especially kat suma yg dh post..
making me feel that our friendship actually never end..
so..i want u to know that i really appreciate all of u.. what i've said..
u can put all your anger,mumbling and even your problems..
well...they said that if we can't express something verbally..
we can express it in writing right?
so..whenever u feel like want to share anything with us ..
or maybe nk mintak khidmat nasihat or pendapat kami..
u can always do it here..
but of course..kalau perlu kta lock blog ni..we'll do so..

hmm..i think that's all from me..
i really looking forward to other members as well to be here..
since i kat MMU..lg susah nk jmpk suma kn..
so..i guess it's better for us to communicate here..
thanks to izza for a such brilliant idea~

mwah5!!love n miss u all!!

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