Monday, August 31, 2009

im not looking for popularity

bcoz i simply dont need one

living in this new found frenship
all i can say its all plastic
its look shiny nice but heck it darn fragile
its nothing
poeple u assume u understand
can b totally 180 after dat
how annoying people is
when they all keep thinkin bout themself
when others always thought for their benefit
like grow up people
stop living in ur bubble

heck i dun care if im not famous
as long i treat people as they treat me n i dont create stupid stuff
i dun wan to appear nice when the fact im nasty

pls don think u are always right because
nobody always right
i do hv flaws
but i admit my flaws

im so0o freaking tired of the stupid drama
dun act nice if u arent puhlessss

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  1. Nice words! get the bar!