Wednesday, July 15, 2009


when a guy that we used to adore..
then he surprisingly likes u back..
but as time goes by..
u think that u n him are just made to be friends?

and..what if..
the one that really likes u..
u rejected him..
but as times passed..
u realized that u actually started to like him back?

how to deal with it?


  1. elle dear u adore saper????????

    well first y dun u let them both go
    n if the rejected guy is meant to b wif u them
    he'll come around ok dear
    dont worry
    life's looks hard
    but its actually not dat hard
    we figue it out sumways
    mayb not now but
    pretty soo0n it all will come around
    k dear
    muah muah

  2. ahahahaha~!
    long story..
    but know what?
    i'm back to my confusing mind..
    dunno who's to choose..
    i went out with 1st said guy today..
    n surprisingly i felt very comfy..
    so now dh rambang mata..
    i guess i'll just go with the flow..
    thx darling mwah16~!